I licence my existing designs in various ways which includes collaborating on art and design projects.

You can license an existing design of mine in a non-exclusive or exclusive capacity or seek a custom design.

I even consider ongoing usage terms on designs without a full buyout which means I retain copyright and my name is associated with the design but your brand is the sole user of the design. 

I do also take on personal commission requests when I have the time in digital or traditional format as well as business commissions/projects. (Paper, canvas etc.) I also consider requests for my original traditional artwork to be developed into a surface design by another business on a case by case basis. I also offer commissions on boots and jackets. (Please see more info down below.)



This does vary- 

My pricing will be based on the type of license, design complexity, the intended use/volumes of end product, the industry and the duration of the license etc. 


As at July 2023- (subject to change) 

* Non-Exclusive (existing digital design) 12 mths licenses starting at *$250.00 for small business.  

(Please enquire regarding pricing for custom artwork for your business or exclusive design use.)

* I also license designs Exclusively and create Custom designs. (Broad or industry specific conditions.)

Please touch base to discuss your project and a quote can be provided that fits your specific situation.

For ongoing business relationships (Multiple design license purchases at once or on a regular ongoing basis) reduced pricing may be possible.

Licensing can be established as an upfront fee for the set term payable on receipt of goods or in some circumstances can be based on a part fee, part commission per product sale agreement or a full commission per product sale agreement for the licensing of the design. 


Please note that I am always happy to be approached with your contract terms and pricing offer. (this is how some of my licensing contracts have come about) or we can work together within your budget for large and small collaborations with a contract I supply based on your needs. (* I may require International licensing contracts to be provided by the purchaser if they are not an Australian business.)


My definitions for licensing-


This is where you select an existing design from my portfolio which is a more cost effective option than exclusive or custom design licensing.

A non-exclusive license means that the design can be licensed to other companies whilst you are using it and at times that may mean within the same category. In any event copyright always remains with me for the duration.

The license can be renewed at the end of the term, lapse or be renegotiated.



This could be an existing design of mine that you would like to use within your industry or more broadly. This means that no one else can use it at the same time that you have a license in place within your industry, location and or at times at all, for the specified time. This usage attracts a higher license fee and the amount will depend on what type of exclusive license you require and the design in question. This type of license costs more than a non-exclusive license. 



This is where a design is created especially for you to use exclusively for a set license term or on a permanent basis. (Similar to a buyout but the copyright remains with me as the designer.) 

This is a more expensive licensing option but will assist your business to stand out as the design is created especially for you and you know that no one else has access to it. The price for a custom design is higher than exclusive (existing design) licensing as the design is created according to your brief but you also have the right to be the sole user of the design and it does not revert back into my portfolio for use when the license ends or the contract could involve ongoing permanent usage.



Ownership/copyright is maintained by Angela Watson of Antayjo Art. Angela maintains her right to sell or license the design to other parties or for her own usage when licenses lapse unless the design contract states ongoing usage terms.



I am open to discussion on a case by case basis and do not rule out full buy outs, however as my work is quiet distinctive it often means copyright retention makes more sense for both parties. This is why I consider permanent exclusive usage rights on custom designs for a higher fee whilst retaining copyright rather than a set licensing time requiring renewal. I will not use the exact design myself, nor would any other business but the design can not be claimed as “your” design despite being the only business with access to it.




I love working with other like minded brands!

If you have an idea you would like to bring to life and think my quirky, colourful art and design would be a great match send me a proposal including a little bit about yourself and what you are hoping to achieve by working together.

It may be that you are bringing out a new stationary line, sell slow fashion or create jewellery, whatever it may be don’t be shy as my design style lends itself well to many industries.



 You can view examples my work here-



Other examples of my design style which are available as print on demand fabrics can be viewed here-  ANTAYJO ART SPOONFLOWER SHOP PAGE LINK

* License enquires are welcome on these designs also.


PLEASE NOTE- there is no fee attached to discussing needs or providing quotes for commissions or licensing. (No obligation.)

Once a quote is accepted a deposit is paid for work to formally commence (depending on the type of commission and the amount of artworks that make up the commission this can vary between 30% to 50%) at which time you will be added to my commission list and advised of an approximate completion time.(Timeframes are usually 4-6 weeks)

The remaining payments can be made after work has commenced and a draft concept has been supplied and agreed upon. If requested, progress photos will be provided prior to the second payment or if not required one final payment can be made on completion based on the total remaining after deposit. Postage costs are seperate to the artwork quote and will need to be paid prior to artwork being sent.

If a commission is cancelled after work has commenced and supplies purchased for your particular work only a partial refund will be supplied to the purchaser.

In the unforeseen event that I have to cancel a full deposit refund will be provided.



Pricing for digital or traditional illustration varies dependent on use, terms complexity and materials used.

I create illustrations for both personal and business use.




In terms of traditional art commissions I usually take on these types of commissions between February and November each year but books are open all year round to enquire and pre book your spot. 

Pricing for  works vary based on size, subject, materials used and time taken to complete the work.

I also take commissions for OOAK wearable artwork and have two items I work on as staples which are boots and black faux leather jackets. (Paint/Drawn detailed pieces.)



I only work on certain jackets (materials can be tricky) that can usually only be sourced from a particular company at a certain time of year, i don’t always have these on hand. I have tried other brands but prefer these for durability and the finished look. Due to trialing other types and not having success I have decided to limit these. I do have a couple of sizes in stock right now. Please check in to see if I am taking jacket commissions. 


Pricing for these items vary dependent on the product detailed but base pricing for adult measurements is as follows- (as at 1st July 2023 & subject to change.)


Boots- $300.00

Jackets- $350.00


* Includes basic Boots or Jacket (usually short ankle boots for this price category) price quoted above.  

Any requests for specific designer brands/shoe/boot types will be considered on a case by case basis (not all base materials are suitable) and price will be adjusted accordingly based on the type of footwear requested. 

* Jacket detailing on back middle panel area only. 
Additional areas are subject to additional cost.

* Postage is in addition to above. 

* Shipping domestically within Australia and to the United States at the current time.



NOTE- My work is detailed so I do not accept commissions for minimalistic work. (Plain, very limited palette etc.)


Please send me an enquiry HERE if you have a specific artwork in mind.


If you would like to view some examples of my traditional artwork please check my ART GALLERY  or my social media.


There may be extra things you need to know regarding LICENSING & COMMISSIONS that may be answered in the FAQ HERE but if not please CONTACT ME as I am only too happy to have a chat about your ideas.