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I love to create artworks on canvas, paper and other objects using acrylic paint and ink/paint pens.

I get lost in the details with some of my larger works taking up to 40 hours per piece.

All the markings in my works come about organically. No major planning is involved in the patterns. Each and every line, dot, shape etc just happens without too much thinking which is why I love it because generally I am a massive Overthinker with everything else in life! 

 PLEASE NOTE- I am in the process of updating this page with more up to date examples of my work.


A collection of OOAK hand painted brooches resting on a detailed surface pattern all by Antayjo Art 


Please note that there are more examples of my traditional artwork both personal and past commissioned work on my social media for viewing.


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FUN FACT- I actually started being open to taking on commission work in 2019 after I posted this photo on social media of Em Rusciano and her son Elio. (A personal canvas painting i felt compelled to create, which she saw and reposted to her social media.) Although I started dabbling in art toward the end of 2017 it wasn’t until 2019 that I started to seriously consider putting time into creating again. I had not been actively back into creating art for long at this point and it gave me the confidence I needed to really start believing in my ability again after leaving art behind for the best part of twenty years! Although i put my art goals on hold throughout 2020 and nearly all of 2021 by closing my website and focusing on family, health and upskilling to offer digital surface design I do plan to create more canvas works when I have the time.