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If I am not designing on my ipad  I love to create artworks on canvas, paper and other objects  (boots/shoes and decor) using acrylic paint and ink/paint pens. I also dabble in fabric and thread art so I have the whole mixed media situation going on.

I get lost in the details with some of my larger works taking up to 40 hours per piece.

All the markings in my works come about organically. No major planning is involved in the patterns. Each and every line, dot, shape etc just happens without too much thinking which is why I love it because generally I am a massive Overthinker with everything else in life! 

Here is a small selection of the type of works I have created as personal projects, gifts, commissions and for art shows.


A collection of OOAK hand painted brooches resting on a detailed surface pattern all by Antayjo Art 


Jenny and Linda Marker and Posca on paper drawing by Antayjo Art

Boot Art by Antayjo Art

Collaged boots and artwork by Antayjo Art


Paloma Wearing her OOAK arted up Antayjo Art jacket

Iris Apfel inspired boots by Antayjo Art

Jenny Kee & Linda Jackson inspired work by Antayjo Art in paint, fabric and thread

Lady and birds drawing by Antayjo Art

Boot art by Antayjo Art

Artwork of Imakestagram & fam by Antayjo Art

canvas and boot art by Antayjo Art

Alice themed artwork by Antayjo Art


Faux mag cover artwork by Antayjo Art

Iris Apfel inspired embroidery art by Antayjo Art

Family portrait artwork custom by Antayjo Art

Marker & Ink Artwork by Antayjo Art

Fabric of Life embroidery and fabric artwork by Antayjo Art
Uncanny Annie family art portrait by Antayjo Art


Patterned eye artwork on canvas by Antayjo Art


Ladies marker and ink artwork by Antayjo Art

Em and Elio canvas artwork by Antayjo Art

Frida drawings by Antayjo Art


Fashion illustration of Celia B clothing and arted up boots by Antayjo Art


Eye on the prize canvas artwork by Antayjo Art

Jenny Ken & Linda mixed media work by Antayjo Art  




 Taylor Swift inspired arted up boots by Antayjo Art


Quirky Lady embroidery Art by Antayjo Art  


 Taylor Swift inspired arted up jacket by Antayjo Art


 Aussie fashion icons fashion illustration by Antayjo Art


 Quirky embroidery lady by Antayjo Art



Fabric collaged boot art by Antayjo Art



Please note that there are more examples of my traditional artwork both personal and past commissioned work on my social media for viewing.


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