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Hey there!

I’m Ang the resident Australian Artist, Illustrator, Surface Designer AND Overthinker at Antayjo Art.

I create uniquely detailed art to quirk up your life and mine, that is -Fashiony, Patterny, Flowery and Portraity.

My main focus areas right now are designing patterns that can be licensed by brands, creating art for your walls and ‘arting up’ OOAK wearable pieces.

Being an Overthinker is actually what led me back to being creative after spending the best part of two decades not doing anything arty.


I was actually obsessed with art from an early age, drawing on anything I could get my hands on, my own jeans included! I thought I would follow an art path but after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree I ending up choosing a less frowned upon career. (I know right! Regrets!!)


It was not until I had my second child that I realised I needed a creative outlet and my love/obsession with art came flooding back. The ‘Antayjo’ in Antayjo Art is actually a mash up of mine and my children’s names as they inspired me!

ANTAYJO Art faux mag digital illustration 

My artwork has been called too quirky & colourful for some but each line, pattern, dot or circle is a representation of my stress being released onto a canvas, page or screen.


It is authentically me and I do not apologise for that or plan to change!  

Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson Fashion Illustration by Antayjo Art

I love my family, details (obviously) fashion, organising, op shopping....anything that lights a fire and sparks my creativity. 


My creative pursuits vary from traditional art methods on canvas and other surfaces to Digital Illustration and Surface Pattern Design which is the newer path for me. My patterns although technical repeats are not half drops and the like but rather detailed illustrations, a chaotic placement of overlapping motifs or random bits and pieces pulled together unconventionally but purposefully as a puzzle. 

The subject matter I gravitate to are those that I can literally ‘draw’ the most details out of. 


I hope you enjoy seeing what I get up to artistically! I often share works in progress & behind the scenes on social media. I would love for you to follow my journey on Instagram  HERE @antayjoart 


Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME for any of your Art, Illustration or Surface Design needs. X