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We all know how to ride out a Lock Down so now it is time to celebrate with a new fashion ‘LEWK’ as they say!

SIZE- 8 AU EU 39 UK 6

4cm chunky heel.

28cm heel to toe.

(See sizing chart conversion in FAQ's)

TYPE- Originally light coloured, chunky heeled boots with gusset sides.

MATERIAL- Non leather (synthetic) upper, lining and sole.

NOTE- This product has not been manufactured by me. I have purchased the item (new) from a retailer to detail in my own unique OOAK way.

I have spent hours "arting up" the noted shoe or boot using paint pens and gloss varnish to seal.

OOAK- Please note that you are viewing a OOAK hand detailed item so please choose carefully and factor in that this is not mass produced.


NOTE- Each piece is hand drawn/painted and as a result of not being mass produced there will be imperfections which adds to the authenticity of the piece.

*Returns/refunds will not apply for change of mind.

**Also take extra care with sizing as your item will not be able to be swapped for another size due to limited quantity and OOAK nature. If you need additional information please feel free to make contact.


"Wear 'em or display 'em like a prized ornament BUT whatever you do treat 'em like the OOAK art they are! In other words: Don't be kicking walls when your BF, GF, Hubs, Wifey, Kids, Boss, Neighbour....anyone really, gives you the shits!! Also it goes without saying doesn't it? to not be diving into pools or walking on hot coals with these babies on!!! (Not safe for you, or your boots/shoes.) Just be nice to them, Ok?!"



Try the FAQ section, T & C's or Policies section for more information or send a query via the contact page on this website.

P.S- I have not added the "brand" of shoe as if i do i can get a slap on the wrist. Please note that these are department store boots made in China. You are purchasing the item because you like the art and can't live without a pair of quirky OOAK Antayjo Art Originals anyway right?

P.P.S- They aren't designer but each pair can take up to 12 hours to complete so they are friggin' special in their own right!


All OOAK arted up shoes and boots are "Ready to post" which means they will be posted out in 2-5 business days.

Each pair is sent by Aus Post securely packaged in a box.