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For the brooch collector that wants to make a statement and is not afraid to acknowledge their mental health!

I know this brooch is basically my auto biography.



This brooch is hand painted with acrylic ink onto a peach colour acrylic circle and sealed with a gloss varnish.

The brooch back is a 304 Stainless steel locking one for extra safety that is secured with non toxic resin. Trust me when I say I tried a lot of ways to ensure a sturdy fix and this is by far the best adhesion.



Do however care for your brooch by treating it gently, not immersing in water or spraying with perfume or hairspray etc when you are getting dolled up to wear it as harsh treatment or dropping could crack the acrylic or stain the artwork.



Brooch- 3mm thick, 75mm size.

Brooch back- approx 38-40 mm long.

NOTE- Each piece is hand drawn/painted and as a result of not being mass produced there will be imperfections which adds to the authenticity of the piece.

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