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I love fashion and I love creating art with lots of details so I wanted to combine the two into something I could offer that stands out as an Antayjo Art Exclusive= To “Fashion Yourself” in a way that suits you and your budget.

Wether you are a business or a personal customer looking for a custom fashion illustration themed piece, you are in the right place!

I create works both digitally and traditionally in the form of digital patterns and illustrations, canvas paintings and paper works using various mediums.

I can tailor custom packages for licensing use or create one off works for your gallery wall.

NOTE- My work as a whole I describe as - Fashiony, Patterny, Flowery and Portraity so if the idea you want to bring to life sits anywhere in this spectrum please get in touch.


Let me know how I can help you bring your Fashiony ideas to life HERE!



 A collage of digital fashion illustrations by Antayjo Art

 Disclaimer- The above selection are personal pieces created to show my digital illustration style only.



Two photos of a paper fashion list ration drawing and surface design collab photo of clothing with Scarlett Bird and Intuitive Styling
A marker and ink on water colour artwork.

A collaboration with Scarlett Bird and Intuitive Styling.


Two fashion inspired canvas artworks on easels image by Antayjo Art that are quirky and colourful 

 Two of my original canvas artworks (60cm plus) 


I also have a collection of existing illustrations and patterns that are fashion related and may be available for licensing.

Here is a small selection-


A collage of 6 fashion inspired illustrations by Antayjo Art





* Please note -I also create other types of themed work not just fashion related but it is always detailed AND colourful AND quirky! Please see the LICENSING & COMMISSSIONS SECTION noted below for more information.


Please see my ART & SURFACE DESIGN examples which provide some insight into the type of detailed work I create.