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Every single artist, illustrator and designer on the planet has different ideas on how to approach licensing their art and each of these things have different meanings to them which will ultimately impact their terms and pricing.

Here is a rough guide as to what it means to me without going into extensive detail, as each scenario is impacted by client wants and needs.


I am more than happy to work with your licensing agreement if you have one or I can establish one specific to your needs. I can tailor it to reflect your usage and budget.




If you would like to license one of my designs you are basically “borrowing” it from me. You don’t own it and can only use it in the manner agreed upon. The copyright does not transfer with the purchase of the license. You can approach me with terms or I can advise you on what mine would be for your specific requirements.




Pricing is based on various factors in terms of timeframe, usage and exclusivity.

It also depends on the type- Illustration only, surface pattern design etc and the complexity of the design itself.

I do have base, set pricing for non- exclusive usage with set terms and a fashion illustration pattern package but all other pricing is based on a multitude of factors and will be tailored as a result.

* Pricing is subject to change and is current as at December 2021.




This is when you request a design that is not in my current portfolio.

Example- you may want a quirky mermaid design as you like the style of my past designs and as a result approach me to create one.

At this point it is discussed as to wether you are seeking an exclusive license, a buyout or would be happy to have the artwork be available to others in a non- exclusive capacity if the scenario arose. Pricing would be based on which option was chosen and factor in term etc and usage.



Varies as noted above.

 * Custom design are in a higher price bracket as they are created for you specifically.



This is where an agreement is made for you to use a design exclusively (as in no one else can use the design at the same time) in the category or categories chosen. You have the option to extend the license term or allow it to lapse. The design could be an exsisting design or newly created. Copyright is retained at all times by me unless the design is purchased as a complete buyout. The exclusivity may be in one category only or multiple. (eg- Fashion & Stationary) It may be related to the country the design is used in etc.

Once the contract ends for this license, if not renewed the design reverts back to my design portfolio for license by other businesses, which could be in the same category that you had previously held.

Please note that this definition can be modified to-

Industry exclusive or ongoing exclusive.

You may seek an agreement that does not allow the use of the design by any other party in the same category even after your license ends or in any category. Pricing as noted below will be impacted by the agreement requested.




Exclusive licensing varies and will be dependent on the design chosen,(complexity) term and usage specifics.

Pricing will be higher than for non-exclusive agreement and will also depend on wether you are seeking an existing design or custom one.

* The price bracket is higher as the design is set aside for the category you choose for the term you choose but can be used again once out of license by other parties or may have extra stipulations that effect the level of exclusivity.

For example- An unlimited license in which you are the only user in a specific category or a set timeframe but at the end of the contract the design can not be used again in the same catergory.




This is where you select an existing design from my portfolio.

This option usually has set pricing and terms but terms can be altered to meet needs. (Standard is for one category only- eg: Fashion)

A non-exclusive license means that the design can be licensed to other companies whilst you are using it and at times that may mean within the same category. In any event copyright always remains with me for the duration.

The license can be renewed at the end of the term, lapse or be renegotiated.

*Please also be aware that some motifs in non-exclusive or exclusive designs may be used partially to form a derivative pattern.


*Some designs in the portfolio may be available exclusively.


 You can view a selection of my work available to license here-


* Please note - this is only a selection to show the type of work that I create.


I am a registered artist on the PATTERNFIELD app and have more designs available to view for registered buyers on this platform that will be available for both exclusive and non- exclusive use and or buyout.


I also have seperate non-exclusive designs that may not appear in my portfolio that are available as print on demand and can be viewed here-  ANTAYJO ART SPOONFLOWER SHOP PAGE LINK

* License enquires are welcome on these designs also.


PRICING- (Non- Exclusive)

* This pricing applies to my current listed website portfolio only and the designs noted above.



12 mth license term which allows use in any category with no limit to the amount of finished goods. 



**$290.00 for a 24 mth term (**discounted rate)

* The price brackets for non- exclusive designs are lower than exclusive or custom as another business may be using the same design as you at the same time your license is in use. There is no exclusivity. A design that has been licensed in a non- exclusive capacity can not be licensed exclusively in the future unless you are the only business who has used the design to date and you request a change of terms when the license is due to be renewed.


NOTE- If you would prefer to pay for a non- exclusive license through this website rather than be invoiced to take advantage of PayPal pay in four options etc this may be possible. A listing could be arranged in this instance to allow but please note that there are no refunds on digital files.



An agreement will be entered into for any type of licensing arrangement and will be documented in writing to ensure all parties are aware of the terms that apply. 

For non- exclusive designs this basic summary applies-

Prior, (after enquiry to purchase/payment) a lower resolution file will be provided with file specifics in terms of size of print and the like. All files are generally RGB Colour profile at 300 dpi.

A tailored agreement will be provided with a high resolution file after payment. (Within 3 days)

License term commences once the high quality file is received and terms agreed to. (Will be either 12 mths or 24 mths dependent on chosen/paid for term.)

There is no exclusivity and ownership/copyright is maintained by Angela Watson of Antayjo Art. Angela maintains her right to sell or license the design to other parties or for her own usage. 

The design may not be shared with other parties unless the sharing of the file is for controlled manufacturing purposes for your business only. No other unauthorised third parties can use this design.

The design may not be used to advertise or produce goods that could impact negatively on the designer. Any unfavourable use is a breach of the licensing contract and is strictly prohibited.

The design is intended to be printed on fabric etc at the file size provided at 300 dpi however you can print at a different scale if you choose. Please consider the file type before proceeding as the quality of the artwork could be impacted by dramatic changes to size of the print. (Larger or smaller.)

* Printing at between 150 dpi and 300 dpi is usually suitable for fabric but please always test scale before printing large runs.

No other modifications can be made to the file in terms of colour or design by the purchaser.

Usage of the design with cease at the end of the chosen term unless a new license has been take out.

Amendment requests on a non- exclusive licensing contract will be considered but may not be approved if the license is still active. 



These are specific packages that are exclusive to Antayjo Art and have set base pricing.

The definitions above are void as these packages have their own terms.

The designs are a set size, set package and set usage.

You as the client (Personal or Business) have the only usage of the  design for the specified time but copyright remains with Antayjo Art.

Business terms, use and file types can be negotiated if required and pricing adjusted accordingly.



*Please note that this package type and pricing is not indicative of other exclusive licensing or custom design work pricing and is priced  according to an exact set of terms, usage and design type.



$250.00 package 

Includes- One custom Fashion Illustration of you sized at a 4000 x 4000 pixels (raster) at 300 DPI (This equates to approx 13.33 inches) 

A PNG file of the illustration (transparent background)

A JPEG file of the illustration (With a coloured background of your choice)

A simple repeat pattern tile of the illustration set on the background colour of your choice. The full repeat tile size is 7200 x 7200 pixels  (This equates to approx 24 inch)

This file will be a file format of your choosing.

Colour mode- sRGB for digital printing.

Revisions during Illustration process- 2 allowed without affect to pricing.

USAGE- Print your heart away.

You can use your artwork on anything you like for personal use only. You may not sell any physical products with the design or resell the file as you do not have copyright.



 $450.00 package

(Not a buy out but no other business can use this design EVER even if you choose to retire the design at the end of the license term.)

Includes- One custom Fashion Illustration of you or your chosen custom fashion illustration sized at 4000 x 4000 pixel (raster) tile at 300 DPI (This equates to approx 13.3 x 13.3 inches) 

A PNG file of the illustration (transparent background)

A JPEG file of the illustration (With a coloured background of your choice)

A simple repeat pattern tile of the illustration set on two different background colours of your choice.

One inverted colourway of one of the above design colour ways.

The full repeat tile size is 7200 x 7200 pixels (Approx 24 x 24 inch)

This file will be a uneditable TIFF file. (Or your preference)

Colour mode- sRGB for digital printing.


Please note that it is best to print at the scale the file is provided in for fabric printing. If you choose to print larger or smaller please be sure that this is suitable. Printing smaller is not always recommended on fabric as detailed works may not print as clearly due to deterioration of the fine artwork. If you print larger you may loose quality. Printing between 150  and 300 dots per inch is usually suitable but please always test before printing large quantities.
* Although the package is for exact file sizes if this is not suitable resizing of the files themselves may be a possibility.



2 year exclusive license.

**You will be the only user of the design in the market unless you authorise collaborative businesses with which you work to license the design to assist in marketing your product. The collaborative business would need to purchase a 2 year license at a subsidised cost of $250.00 per 2 year term.

Example you collaborate with someone who sells matching bags.

You can use your exclusive custom design for business purposes with no product limits applicable in one category only. (Eg: Fashion) 

You may use the PNG or coloured background Fashion Illustration for swing tags or promotional material to promote your fashion items only. You can not sell products outside the specified category unless a non base package has been established.

All three surface design pattern colour ways can be used without restriction in your category. (No product limits apply.)

Antayjo Art retains copyright and although no one else is able to use your design unless authorised as noted above, as per package agreement you must acknowledge the designer.

Although Antayjo Art will not use your design for products your design may be used to market the Fashion illustration surface design package.

At the end of the license term you can retire the design, or renew your license at a subsidised price of $250.00 for a further 2 years use.

If you allow a lapse in license, you can in the future seek a renewal even if it were a number of years later. Please ensure you retain the original files for ease of use if this were requested.


Not generally considered for this type of Fashion Illustration pattern package due to the below reasoning in- ‘NOTE’ detailed below.

Consideration however will be given to a long term license for a one off negotiated fee similar to a buy out without having to renew each term provided Antayjo Art is still associated with the design and noted as the artist. 

NOTE- These Fashion Illustration type patterns are based on unique elements, patterns and motifs Antayjo Art artist Ang uses regularly in her work. These elements distinguish her work from others and may be repeated in other fashion illustrations without impacting on your exclusivity. The exact illustration you license will never be recreated in the exact format but please be aware that small elements of the work may be a signature look and as a result may be used in some capacity. 

VIEW HERE examples of the Fashion Illustration Pattern Package style.



If you are a business who only purchases designs as a complete buyout this is also an option. In this instance I would consider your contract terms but would not provide you with a contract for consideration in this instance.



(Applies to digital and custom works)

Custom designs require clear communication to ensure the artwork meets your needs. In order to ensure a smooth process we will establish key features and technical specifications upfront and go in depth with these to allow a streamlined work flow and an artwork produced to a high standard in a timely manner.

Before commencing work a 30% deposit is paid.

A draft will be produced for consideration at which time requirements may be reviewed.

Once it is established that the artwork is meeting the brief the final artwork design will commence.

At this time a further 30% is paid.

A low resolution copy will be provided once completed at which time minor amendments could be made.

* Two alterations can be made on custom designs before an additional artwork alteration charge will apply.

(This is limited due to the fact that custom artworks require extensive consultation in the planning stage and requirements should have been communicated and acknowledged in the initial drafting stage.)

Once artwork is agreed as finalised the final artwork is provided in whichever format agreed upon after the final 40% is paid.



Varies dependent on complexity and workload.

Timeframes could be as little as up to two weeks or as long as eight.

This will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry.

Please note that if you are purchasing an existing design this timeframe will not apply. Files are usually provided within 3 business days of payment/agreement acknowledgement. 




Pricing for digital or traditional illustration varies dependent on use, terms complexity and materials used.

I create illustrations for both personal and business use.

Base pricing for small personal Illustrations start at $200.00



In terms of traditional art commissions if time permits I am open to enquires for Canvas artworks and the like.

I usually take on these types of commissions between February and October each year.

Pricing for canvas works vary based on size, subject, materials used and time taken to complete the work.

I generally use acrylic paint and ink on canvas with a gloss or matte finish.

NOTE- My work is detailed so I do not accept commissions for minimalistic work. (Plain, very limited palette etc.)

To get an idea of pricing of large canvas works please see my ART GALLERY link below.

I can also work on a smaller scale and often have smaller works for sale.

Please send me an enquiry HERE if you have a specific artwork in mind.


If you would like to view my traditional artwork please check my ART GALLERY  or my social media.


There may be extra things you need to know regarding LICENSING & COMMISSIONS that may be answered in the FAQ HERE but if not please CONTACT ME